After working inside a Corporate World for the past 20 years and have seen much what is happening around our society, kind of afraid what will happen to me and to my family if I will to be retrenched.

The next thought that comes into my mind will be go and find another job and starts afresh from there. But then my mentor told me something which is very real in Singapore society, i.e after you turned 35 years old and if you will to be retrenched, unlikely you will get yourself employed…cause it will be either you are too expensive or too old or too rigid in thoughts or refuse to accept changes.

After attending some motivational seminars from Tony Robbins and T Harv Eker and many more, it concluded that one must take massive actions in building your wealth and you must love MONEY else MONEY will not love you and come to you, likewise in any Boy-Girl-Relationship, Parents-Child-Relationship….after attending those seminars, it actually open my mind even further…and that one must learn trading or investing of at least one financial instrument, be it stock, forex, options, previous metal, commodity, real estates else it will be difficult to grow your bank account and that is how most millionaires have built their wealth over time in compounding their wealth.

Therefore I have chosen to write something about Forex Trading which may or may not help you to get you educated in this area…..and what I am going to share will be based on my risk appetites and may not suitable to yours…so if you lose millions don’t come and find me. In addition, I will also like to use this blog to gather all the like-minded people here to learn and share so as to form a big community in building wealth using Forex Trading as one of the way to gather wealth.

Happy Pipping..may the pips be with us all.

Yours Chief  Servant
Ah Kiat